All information needed for making a payment and benefits.
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Post by Vali » Sat Mar 12, 2016 3:20 pm

All rewards are sent to Prize NPC in market and should be available immediately after the payment is made and validated.

VIP Features
  • Free 1 - 1 hour double exp per day from Love Stone, Market
  • Permanent x2 Exp
  • Whisper message when (+1) and blessed -1 / -3 / -5 items drop
  • Pack 10 Meteors/DragonBalls into Scrolls directly from inventory by right clicking one of them
  • Access to /passive command to turn on/off passive skills (rage, snow, pheonix, etc.)
  • Auto pick-up DragonBalls, Eggs, EggPacks, 50% of dropped Gold, Meteors, Elite & Super items

How to get VIP
  • 1. Buying it from our site (Click here)
  • 2. Getting it with Vote Points
  • 3. Getting it from events
  • 4. Hunt 250 monsters in Twin City as a new player (non reborned) level < 70 and get 12 hours of newbie VIP (daily 1 hour exp pot disabled and x2 exp does not apply when being leveled by other players, only when leveling yourself)

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