Water-PLVL Guide!

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Water-PLVL Guide!

Post by Veerschlee » Fri Sep 23, 2016 8:24 pm

Alright, basically I'm posting this guide that I've found on elitepvpers and its a good summary of how plvling a water works and whats the most optimal way to do it. Keep in mind its like a 10 year old guide, I've edited some of it to fit our current reality and went over it and added some stuff that I figured are worth mentioning in addition to whats written down. Its detailed, explains it well, and hopefully will see less people who plvl 93 waters at Basilisk as a result of reading this.

So what we're going to do is power-level (plvl) a Water Taoist up to level 110, at which it can be reborn. You'll want to have an archer of at least lvl 126 (because of the L126 ring), if you don't have one I recommend getting an archer up there before doing this for two reasons. If you do it before 126:
- It's just a lot slower, especially when your water gets higher level;
- It will piss off other archers that might be doing the same thing if they have to wait (or kill you) till you are done.

Alright now first a little list of spawn information:
Water lvl: 00 - 83 || Noob lvl: 71- || HawKings L92/93 || Loc: BirdIsland (310,130)
*Water lvl: 00 - 78 || Noob lvl: 71- || AlienApes L92 || Loc: AdventureZone¹ (685,1105)
*Water lvl: 78 - 83 || Noob lvl: 76- || SeniorSnakemen L97 || Loc: AdventureZone¹ (450,600)
Water lvl: 83 - 93 || Noob lvl: 81- || Serpents L102 || Loc: AdventureZone² (344,114)
Water lvl: 93 - 98 || Noob lvl: 91- || AlienSerpents L112 || Loc: AdventureZone² (583,533)
Water lvl: 98 - 110+ || Noob lvl: 97- || Basilisks L117 || Loc: AdventureZone² (628,648)
*: Alternative spawns, you can't really set up a stack here, you'll have to have your team following you. Sucks bawls. I'd go for HawKings.
¹ and ²: This is one of the maps in the AdventureZone, I'm not gonna guide you there. I suggest you ask the guild holding the GW Pole to put a GuildConductress in one of these maps. Also note that ¹ and ² are different maps.

Doubleyou-tee-eff is plvling o.O
By plvling in Conquer you try to get a low level character up to high level by killing things with a high level character. For this you'll want a strong character that kills a lot of monsters fast and easy without getting your low level char killed.

- 1 high level Archer (L126+ for optimal results);
- 1 high level character that take's low damage from the monsters we're at (preferably 1's);
- 2 low level (Water)Taoists.
- Drinks (preferably alcoholic ones)
- Snacks (whatever you like)

Optional (to improve efficiency):
- Socketed Earrings, Necklace, Coat and Boots with a SuperDragonGem;
- Socketed Super(+4) L126 Ring with a SuperDragonGem;
- 2-socketed Super(+3) L130 Bow with two SuperDragonGems;
- A fully socketed low level (taoist) equipment set with SuperRainbowGems.

Take the Archer, equip it with the highest damage doing gear you have and a crap load of arrows. We'll call the archer Billy.

Take the other high level char and equip it with gear to "tank" the monsters (= taking 1's from them) we're gonna kill. Say hi to Dennis the tank!

Take one of the Waters, equip it with all the RainbowGemmed gear you have. We'll call this one George.

The other water can remain naked and we'll call it Adam. Adam will be providing us "noob experience".

Yes, noob experience. Ever saw the message "You gained X team experience points with additional rewarding experience points due to low level team mates." This means double the experience you would get without a low level in team.
Rules for noob experience: George has to be less than 20 levels below the monster's level (or higher), Adam has to be more than 20 levels below the monster's level. So for AlienSerpents (L112 monsters): George > L92 (meaning 93 and above), Adam < L92 (meaning 91 and below). Yes indeed, at L92 you don't give, nor gain noob experience at AlienSerpents.

Setting up a stack.
Like the word says, it's just stacking everything on top of eachother, only the character on top (Dennis) will get hit (= your Waters survive). Make sure you keep the HawKings away, and put your noobs at the same exact coordinates. After you put George and Adam there, jump Dennis out of the screen (till the team pictures dim), then jump him back on and put him on the stack, he is now on top and will get hit by the monsters.
If you're having trouble getting on top of your other chars, try setting Sit on a hotkey, then walk over the stack and press the hotkey when you're on top of the stack.

The actual plvling.
Now comes the easiest and most boring part, and here is where the drinks and snacks come in. Jump around the island (best thing to do is staying on the edge of the team pictures dimming/lighting up) while scattering and killing all the monsters, you'll see George and Adam will gain experience and level pretty fast. Since George is wearing RainbowGemmed equipment (if you have any) he should be leveling faster than Adam. This will make it so that by the time George hits level 73, Adam will still be below 72 and provide noob experience for George.

Meanwhile, don't forget to enjoy your drinks and snacks.

When George hits level 83 it's worth trying to look for a spawn with higher level monsters where George will get more experience (cause of the monsters being higher level, dûh) but will also get noob experience. That would be Serpents. About how to get there, Guild Area - GuildConductor1 - Left side of the map/Upper Right Corner.

When George (finally after all them fattening snacks) hits 110, you can do the level 110 promotion and reborn him to collect your loot. Meanwhile Adam should have gotten quite some levels, making it so he's over level 73 most probably. This means you won't have to do the gay part of plvling him without noob exp at HawKings and you can put a new water in team to use as noob experience for Adam.

I still have a spot open in my team o.o;;!
No shit Sherlock. If you don't have fully socketed SDG'd equipment, you will probably need some more attack to kill the monsters in less hits and speed up the plvling. You can invite a friend to stig you and fill up that last team spot. Works pretty well.
Same goes for the tank and noob exp, if you can't log more than two characters, get someone else to help you out and give him a team spot in exchange.

I don't have SDG'd or SRG'd equipment. =[
Sucks for you. No really, it does. But you have to know that only DragonGems isn't gonna get you far, but neither will only RainbowGems. I'd do a combination. Best way I think would be something along the lines of:
- 2socketed BackSword with two RainbowGems, whichever you can afford;
- Socketed Robe*, and put some RainbowGem in (could do the SRG from your first water, but could first do the SDG Bow too);
- Super 2socketed Bow and stuff SDGs in it;
- Super socketed Ring, stuff an SDG in that too, maybe a few +es;
- Socketed Archer Coat, can get that from a Water/Archer you make too;
- Finishing the socket set for your waters, RRGs/SRGs... for now;
- Finishing your Archer's socket set, SDG'ing it;
- SRG'ing the Water sockets that aren't SRG'd yet.
Also, if you don't have fully SDG'd equipment, you might not kill Basilisks really fast (4 scatters is good, 3 scatters is awesome, 5 scatters = get the hell back to AlienSerpents).
*: After your first Water is reborn, plvl it back up to level 100, promote it and get a free socketed Robe. Get that Robe back to low level on your second reborn.

I'm not L126 yet, but I do want to plvl!
Go ahead, but don't be surprised if level 130 archers are just going to steal the spawn from you. Also you shouldn't try Basilisks, you very most probably won't kill them fast enough. Stick to AlienSerpents untill you 3-hit Basilisks.

How many hits do plvling archers with mainstream gear need to kill then?
Mainstream plvling archers are level 130, fully SDG'd and have a fully SRG'd set for Waters. They finish a water in less then 1 hour of plvling. About the hits:
- HawKings: 1 hit without stigma;
- *AlienApes: 1 hit without stigma;
- *SeniorSnakemen: 1 hit without stigma;
- Serpents: 1 hit without stigma;
- AlienSerpents: 2 hits without stigma;
- Basilisks: 3 hit with stigma.
*: Alternative (retarded) spawns (which you won't like).

What does one reborn Water cost and get me?
- Time, snacks and drinks;
- 1 Emerald (L70 promotion), 1 Meteor (L100 promotion) and 1 MoonBox (L110 promotion);
- 1 CelestialStone (= DragonGem, RainbowGem, PhoenixGem, MoonGem, VioletGem, FuryGem, KylinGem and a CleanWater).
- 1 RefRainbowGem (L100 promotion);
- 1 DragonBall (L110 promotion);
- 1 SuperGem ;
- Quite some Meteors/+1s/Eggs/Flowers found while plvling;
- If you plvl your reborn back up: a socketed armor (L100 promotion).

Alright so this would be the guide. Again, its a realy old guide and it was written when there were basically barely any 2 sockets on servers and people ran around mostly in 1 socket gear. Here are a few things that it doesnt mention, and thats relevant to the Server and to Plvling waters.

First of it doesnt mention the Banditii spawn thats rather popular plvling spot. I do not plvl there but I believe its the same level as AlienSerpents or Serpents. Some could confirm.

Secondly due having multiple ways to boost experience here on ClassicCO you dont have to switch spawns so often and save you the trouble of constantly having to move stacks around (You can easily make a water 93 or even 98 at Hawks and move to AlienSerpent/Basilisk from there)
It rather works well to DoubleTeam at Basilisk and help eachother out.

Yea thats all for now folks! Enjoy!

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Re: Water-PLVL Guide!

Post by Veerschlee » Fri Sep 23, 2016 8:25 pm

I'll highlight sections 2morrow. too late now.

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Re: Water-PLVL Guide!

Post by GolDRoger » Sun Sep 25, 2016 11:09 pm

Or u can spwan in Banditti, Bird Island from vl 1-110.. or from lv 1 -100 then basi .. thats what i do normally :)

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Re: Water-PLVL Guide!

Post by Veerschlee » Mon Sep 26, 2016 10:39 am

GolDRoger wrote:Or u can spwan in Banditti, Bird Island from vl 1-110.. or from lv 1 -100 then basi .. thats what i do normally :)
Again, idk at what level u can get NoobXP at Banditti..what u said there doesnt realy give us info at what level its worth going to Banditti after Birdmen-Hawk. Im assuming its 83 or so...enlighten us.

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