Leveling System Explained

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Leveling System Explained

Post by Vali » Sat Mar 12, 2016 7:43 pm

Server Rate = x2
VIP = x2
Double Exp = x2
Total = x8

You can get more than x8 if you know how to plvl correctly:

I am being plvled and I want most exp for me.

(My level + 20) must be strictly higher than the monster level that is killed in order to benefit from any of the following:

i.Married Exp (x2 for waters, x1.2 for other classes) - the killer / attacker of the monsters must be my Spouse/Husband

ii.Water Exp (x2) - if I am water

iii.Noob exp (any team mate level + 20 must be lower or equal to monster level)

Example for highest exp rate possible (I am Water promoted):
I am leveled at Basilisk (117)
My level is 98 (at 97 or lower I won't benefit from married exp, water exp or noob exp from Basilisks)
I am water promoted (at 40) (x2)
I am married to the monster killer (x2)
My team has a noobie (level 1-97) (x2)

Subtotal x6
Server Rate x2
Exp Pot x2

Total x24 (x48 if VIP)