Blue Mouse [Quest]

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Blue Mouse [Quest]

Post by Vali » Sat Mar 12, 2016 7:51 pm

Reclaim the Royal Treasures

Requirement: Level 70 +
NPCs: General Judd (Near Simon, Twin City 396,233), Old Miner (Near forest mine, Phoenix Castle 907,546), Blue Mouse (somewhere in the mine cave)

Note: If you don't have any gems, you can't complete this quest. Gems can be dug out in some mines, or can be bought from the market. Also, sometimes, a creature will drop a gem.


1. Find General Judd in Twin City.
2. As General Judd says, go to find the Old Miner around the forest mine cave. Exchange a Normal Dragon Gem, Phoenix Gem, Kylin Gem, or Rainbow Gem for a Silver Needle, or swap a Normal Fury Gem, Moon Gem or Violet Gem for a Gold Needle at the Old Miner.
3.Take the Silver or Gold Needle to the forest mine cave to catch Blue Mouse, who will give you the lost items of General Judd after you catch him.
4. Return the lost treasures to General Judd, and he will give you big rewards.


2 up to 20 Meteors or 2 DBs