Ancient Demon [Quest]

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Ancient Demon [Quest]

Post by Vali » Sat Mar 12, 2016 7:52 pm

NPCs: Exorcist , Bird Island City (708 574), Ancient Demon Map

Requirements: Level over 70, 1 amulet for every class (5 in total)

Ancient Demon can be spawned once every 30 minutes


  • In order to spawn Ancient Demon you need to get 5 amulets , 1 for each class in turn (Trojan, Warrior, Archer, Water, Fire).
  • In order to get an amulet you have to kill the Devil specific to your class and exchange the certificate dropped by the Devil for an amulet at your class Guard in Ancient Demon Map.
  • For example : if you are Fire Taoist, find Fire Guard in the Ancient Demon Map and he will take you to the place where FireDevil resides and you can kill him for a Fire Certificate.
  • After you killed FireDevil, go back to Fire Guard and get a Fire Amulet.
  • For this quest you need help from all classes, either ask your friends to get you an amulet or buy it from others or make one yourself by making a character of a specific class.
  • After you acquired all 5 amulets from all classes, talk to Exorcist in Ancient Demon Map and tell him to spawn the demon.
  • Kill the guards in the middle of the map and then kill the AncientDemon too and the reward is yours!


  • 1-5 DBs or 1-5 MetScrolls or 1-2 RedEggs or 1-2 +1 Item Packs